laundry hack you should know

Why you need the laundrymann

It was a cool evening when Natasha drive in. The stress on her face could send thunder strikes through a city waking up every resident.

Brenda: Alaye, I dey gate. Your security no gree open door. Come talk to him.

Natasha: Omo, how far. How you dey na I go yan the Okpete now calm down.

[The gateman ran to open the gate as the horn continued, Brenda drove through with face so frightening and furious.]

Brenda: [she walks in with a long face looking curious] Natasha I need your help?

Natasha: What can I help you with dear?

Brenda: Remember I told you about my husband throwing party every Saturday, and na that time I suppose dey rest.

Natasha: okay, wetin con happen?

Brenda: I dey look for cleaning agent wey do they clean up the whole mess na, E no easy.

Natasha: [she looks straight into her eyes] that reminds me, have you heard of Laundrymann?

Brenda: Yes, I remember now. That is the cleaning agent you dey use.

Natasha: All you need do na to sign up for here. great offer dey yakata go enjoy am.

Brenda: Okay. I go sign up now.

Having those piles of clothes washed takes a lot of energy and time. “Behind every successful woman is a basket of dirty laundry”-Sally Forth. Not only women are entitled to laundry services, everyone is entitled to the services provided. Dirty cars, dirty clothes and many more you could give into.

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