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Enjoy the convenience of our fleet of 21 vans, available for affordable laundry delivery nearby, that cater to all budget types. You can rest assured of our commitment to providing you with a seamless laundry experience.. 

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As concern about coroniavirus (COVID-19) continues to grow, we are doing the best job we can to keep everyone healthy and safe in our workplace. We encourage customers to use our web channels or whatsapp stations when possible.We would like to notify you that we are still functioning without disruptions, with a commitment to process your clothes daily.

There is little chance of this type of transfer occurring. First the virus only lives for a short period outside the body. Second the cleaning process kills the virus on any garment and all garments. However, our staff are washing their hands or use hand sanitizer frequently.

The virus only lives for a short time outside the body, so there is very little chance that our employees will contract the virus from touching people’s garments.

Customers reviews

My main reason for subscribing was to test run if the service was worth it, this is exactly 9 months, i don't think am leaving anytime soon. it like a drug am addicted to
At first i was wondering if they can actually deliver on their promises. Boy o Boy, they have more than delivered. From almost free sofa wash, my every month car wash, to say the list
The quality of the dry cleaning is great, as is the high level of customer service that the Laundrymann provides. Overall, a great service that I’d highly recommend to anyone!”