Customer Acquisition Associate

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Company Description

Laundrymann is a dry cleaning and laundry services subscription company. We help you avoid the day to day laundry disappointments, the inconveniences of laundry drop off and pickups. Your subscription covers unlimited items thus helping you cut down on your laundry expenses monthly. These benefits come with a free laundry basket, laundry analytics, and more

Job Description

Do you know how to sell directly to prospect subscribers? Can you do more than educate, influence, and evangelize, but also lead prospective buyers all the way to make a purchase? Whether you’ve sold real estate, jewelry, financial services or some other high-end good, we want you to help us sell the highest-end service imaginable – a successful future – to hundreds of Lagos Families

The Customer Acquisition Rep is responsible:

  1. For acquiring new subscribers through outbound and inbound inquiries.
  2. This position is responsible for reaching out to potential subscribers delivering a sales presentation with passion, commitment, courtesy and professionalism. Additionally, this position uses unwavering customer service and high ethical selling standards.
  3. Responsible for building trust and rapport with Commercial Sales B2B subscribers.
  4. Generates leads that will become lifetime subscribers 

What you will be doing

  • Build a comprehensive, relevant and effective marketing plan for your launch 
  • Execute your plan with operational excellence. Now it’s time to make the magic happen. You will do what it takes to execute end-to-end (with adjustments along the way!), within budget and on time. You will learn and iterate as you go if strategies aren’t working, and you will report progress to stakeholders regularly.
  • Receives and respond to inbound inquiries from potential customers Provides baseline research within targeted accounts to identify key contacts and critical account information prior to prospecting call
  • Makes outbound prospecting communications to build and manage lead development pipeline via cold-calling, networking, e-mail/e-marketing, and utilizing Internet information sources
  • Develops a deep understanding of the customer including goals, organization structure, decision-making processes, and pain-points Identifies customer needs and establish value

What you will not be doing


  1. You will not be sitting idly in  waiting for interested subscribers to come find you 

Candidate Requirement


  • Demonstrated sales results – you close deals. 
  • A passion for people and an eagerness to make connections and build trust.
  • 2+ years of business-to-consumer sales experience.
  • Bachelor’s degree or higher from a top university. 
  • Experience creating and executing marketing plans, including managing budgets.
  • Excellent written and verbal presentation skills.
  • Excellent quality of Delivery
  • Excellent communication skills in writing, speaking, listening and cold-calling
  • Ability to converse with and influence people
  • Able to work independently in an entrepreneurial environment
  • Organizational skills including prioritizing, time management, and meeting deadlines

Nice to have

  • Experience selling high-end luxury goods (e.g., jewelry, high-end clothing, real estate).
  • Experience launching new products in a new city or to a new audience. 

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