love & laundry II by laundrymann

Love & laundry Chapter One | Tolani “n”Bolaji

In her quiet time, Tolani weeps and asks, “What am I not doing for this man, oh Lord?” because she couldn’t understand why, every time she and Bolaji disagreed slightly, he would call her “lazy.” This was starting to get to her.

Back then, in the UniBen class of 1998, Tolani and Bolaji were inseparable lovebirds. We all knew their relationship would end at the altar, and of course, it did. Bolaji owns a construction company, although Tolani currently works for one of the top 4 consulting firms. Life was lovely, but the  “ You are Lazy curse word” was tearing everything apart.

Sometime in December 2022, Bolaji ran into Tabitha, who now owns the Laundrymann, – a lifestyle company offering laundry subscription as a service during one of the CEO meetings. He narrated his ordeal and said, “Tolani doesn’t wash his laundry, that he usually has to buy a new outfit every other day, but he knows her cooking is a masterpiece, and he even giggled about one of her latest cooking masterpieces which she called “ofe Aku” an Igbo native soup. “Really” Your laundry is the reason you call ‘her Lazy, said Tabitha, returning to the topic.

She explained to him that times were changing and that he shouldn’t expect his wife to be thinking about his laundry when she got home from work after a hectic day and heavy traffic. Either sign up for a laundry plan, preferably an unlimited one that includes the entire family, She can then concentrate on creating more master Pieces if you entirely remove that concept from her.

But first, when he gets home today, he needs to gather up all of the clothing in the house, including hers “ I mean everything oooh, everything I said again”, take them to the laundromat nearby, and do the honours of self-washing, but while doing so, he should listen to this lovely song. “ Pheel like Summer”

Hmmm, the “Oza room” testimony is raging, and right now it appears that Tolani and Bolaji are in control of the whatsapp group for the class of 1998. The words “I love you, baby” are not difficult for them to utter, and you can sense their sincerity.

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