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Launder and Press vs Dry cleaning

launder items need water while Dry cleaning is not a dry process as speculated, its a wet process but with a chemical solvent

To decide whether your pants should be washed or dry cleaned, consult the care label. Generally, woollens should be dry-cleaned. Many kinds of cotton can be washed, although sometimes manufacturers suggest dry cleaning to avoid problems with colour or size changes.

When you have clothing that needs to look sharp, like a suit, dress, sweater, or dress shirt, chances are you take it to the dry cleaners. But many nice articles of clothing don’t need to be dry cleaned—often, having your clothing laundered and pressed is a better choice.

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So, what is the difference between laundering and dry cleaning?


launder and dry cleaning process


The short answer – water.

Dry Cleaning: When your clothes are dry cleaned, non-water-based solvents are used to remove stains, before they are crisply pressed. 

Launder & Press: With laundered items, water and detergent are used. Your clothes are washed in a commercial-grade washing machine, emerge slightly damp, and then are individually pressed.

The benefit of using Launder & Press?

  • • It’s gentle on fabric: The chemicals used to dry clean your clothes can cause fabrics to deteriorate over time. Laundering, on the other hand, removes stains and everyday grime using water and gentler detergents.
  • • It’s ideal for removing sweat, oils, and dirt: Laundering is more effective than dry cleaning at removing sweat and oil from fabrics, so it is typically the best choice for dress shirts and cotton blouses. After clothes are laundered, they are pressed and hung for that crisp, fresh-from-the-cleaner look.

High-quality laundry services like Laundrymann read the care label on your clothing and make the call between chemical dry cleaning and laundering to maximize the life of your clothes. When you’re the one making the call, read the label: if it doesn’t say “Dry Clean Only,” ask for Launder & Press. Your clothes will thank you!

Why Dry Clean?


husband and wife launder press


My wife and I have different views on dry cleaning. I have my shirts dry-cleaned after each wearing. My pants I dry-clean after two or three uses. She says this is unnecessary and that I should just wash everything. I like my method because I don’t have to press anything and it is relatively cheap. Who’s right?

Listen to the lady, for the most part. Many shirts, especially the cotton dress and casual shirts most of us wear regularly, should be laundered.

A good laundry will press your shirts properly, and you can have them folded or put on hangers, as the dry cleaner probably does.

Now, when you say dry cleaning is relatively cheap, do you mean you have a relative who is a dry cleaner? Because dry cleaning is an arm and a leg and maybe a crotch more expensive than laundering.

You may be thinking – Why on earth would anyone choose to dry clean when Launder & Press is just as effective (if not more in some cases) and gentler on fabrics? Well, the truth is, it depends on the fabric and the piece. 

 Dry cleaning costs 175 per cent more, and according to my esteemed cleaner, It’s not suitable for the type of soiling that occurs with a man’s shirt. It’s not as good at removing perspiration and the oils that occur around the neck. Proper laundering will give you cleaner and longer-lasting shirts.

• It’s ideal for clothing made of natural fibres, like silk or wool because water can harm the fabric. Water can cause the fibres in the fabric to become rigid and even cause the garment to shrink, fade, or lose its shape.

• It’s often the only way to get out certain stains: When an item is dry cleaned, it also goes through the “pre-spotting” process where an experienced cleaner will examine each garment to locate stains and determine the source so that they can treat the stain with the appropriate non-aqueous solvent. It’s not uncommon for a pre-spotter to have decades of experience!

A helpful tip to extend the life of your clothes: If you know the source of any stain on your garment, let your dry cleaner know. Be it ketchup, wine, or a splash from a puddle, your dry cleaner will use that information to choose the right solvent and minimize the risk of damage.

There’s a reason both dry cleaning and launder & press are offered today—each serves a different, valuable purpose. Both are aptly named and both keep you looking sharp!



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