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“How to Properly Store Clothes to Maintain Their Quality: Advice from Dry Cleaning Experts

Properly storing your clothes is essential to maintaining their quality and prolonging their lifespan. Whether you’re looking to store winter clothes during the summer or preserve a vintage piece, there are certain steps you can take to ensure your clothes remain in good condition. In this article, we’ll explore the advice of dry cleaning experts on how to properly store clothes.

  1. Clean Your Clothes Before Storing Them

Before storing any garment, it’s important to ensure that it’s clean. This means washing or dry cleaning your clothes before you put them away. Stains, oils, and even body oils can attract pests, such as moths, which can damage your clothing. Make sure your clothes are completely dry before storing them as damp clothes can also lead to mildew and mold growth.

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  1. Use the Right Storage Containers for clothes

Choosing the right storage containers for your clothes is key to preserving their quality. Avoid using plastic bags or containers, as these can trap moisture and cause mold or mildew to develop. Instead, opt for breathable containers made from natural materials such as cotton, linen, or canvas. These materials allow air to circulate, which prevents moisture from building up.

  1. Avoid Direct Sunlight on clothes

Direct sunlight can cause fabrics to fade and weaken over time. When storing your clothes, make sure to choose a dark, cool, and dry location that is protected from sunlight. If you’re storing clothes in a closet, make sure that it’s well-ventilated and away from any heat sources.

  1. Use Cedar or Lavender for clothes

Cedar and lavender are natural moth repellents and can help to protect your clothes from damage. Cedar blocks or chips can be placed in your storage containers or hung in your closet, while lavender sachets can be placed in drawers or hung on hangers.

  1. Fold Clothes Properly

The way you fold your clothes can also impact their longevity. Avoid folding clothes along the same lines every time, as this can cause creases to set in permanently. Instead, try to vary the folding technique and avoid folding clothes too tightly.

  1. Don’t Overcrowd Your Storage Containers

Overcrowding your storage containers can cause clothes to become wrinkled, creased, or misshapen. Make sure to leave enough space for air to circulate and for clothes to hang freely.

  1. Rotate Your Clothes

Even if you’re storing your clothes properly, it’s still a good idea to rotate them every few months. This will help prevent the fabric from developing permanent creases or becoming too worn in one area. It also gives you a chance to inspect your clothes for any signs of damage or pest infestation.

In conclusion, proper clothing storage is essential to maintaining the quality of your clothes. By following these tips from dry cleaning experts, you can ensure that your clothes stay in good condition for years to come. Remember to clean your clothes before storing them, choose the right storage containers, avoid direct sunlight, use natural moth repellents, fold clothes properly, avoid overcrowding, and rotate your clothes regularly. With these steps, you can enjoy your favorite garments for many years to come.

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