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3 ways of making your active wear smell clean

Wash your workout gear ASAP

To avoid the bacteria growth that can lead to a strong or musty smell, be sure to wash your workout gear ASAP once you’re done wearing it. If you’re not able to wash your activewear right away, hang it somewhere airey rather than leaving it balled up in your gym bag so that it has the chance to dry out.

Soak it first

Activewear becomes stinky because of a build-up of sweat and dead skin cells (yeah… gross). While the washing machine will do a pretty good job of getting it clean, adding a little soak time before you run the wash cycle will help loosen any yucky bacteria or build up that may be on your clothes.

Be sparing with detergent

While it might seem intuitive to add more detergent to a cycle with really dirty clothes, the truth is that conventional at-home washing machines can only handle so much detergent. If you add more than what is recommended (or even the recommended amount with a smaller load), your clothes will end up less clean, with more detergent built up in the fabric and still holding onto their unpleasant post-workout odor.

Add an odor-busting ingredient

When you want to be sure that your activewear remains stink-free, it can be worth it to add an odor-busting ingredient to your rinse cycle. Instead of adding fabric softener, add a small amount of white vinegar or apple cider vinegar to your stinkiest loads to ensure they smell fresh by the time they cycle is finished.

Hang to dry

While most activewear is pretty resilient, tossing it in the dryer is likely to wear down fabric and make it less likely to resist odors as it ages. Preserve the sweat and odor wicking properties of your activewear by letting it air dry instead of tossing it in the dryer.

This spring, don’t let stinky activewear keep you from your workout. Follow the steps above and your workout gear will smell as good as it looks!

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