Single-laundry Pack

Covers Just YOU

Get 10% Discounts when you pay within 48 hours of subscription or re-subscription

Benefits for You & Family

Laundry of Unlimited Items monthly

24 Hours

Pick up is done 2x monthly

5pm - 8pm

Free Amendment of torn items

24 Hours

Weekly laundry Analytics of items

24 Hours

Laundry Pack expires after every 30 days

30 days

laundryman welocme kit

Welcome to Laundrymann

All items will be machine washed or hand washed as specified by labels, ironed and returned to you on hangers with the exception of blankets, tablecloths and curtains which will be returned to you folded. Our wash and press service is currently available for shirts, blouses, pillow cases, bed sheets, duvets, jeans and pyjamas.


Why Choose Our subscription Pack

Is there anything more frustrating than being confused about what to wear?

Imagine a life where you never have to think of what to wear or what item is clean for outings

Your torn items are returned to you amended, you never have to think of bad zips again.

Free Car Detailing

Get a free car detailing from one of the finest in the business of car spa for FREE monthly non stop

Our Specialized customer experience Team

We will re-clean or replace any item or order that doesn’t meet expectations.

Frequently Asked Questions

Payment are made upon subscription or Seconds after items have been picked up form your location. 

All laundry pack covers unlimited number of items, this means that there is no restriction to the number of items, benefit varies with the laundry plan selected.

Your first pickup will be scheduled during the signup process.

You have the option to schedule one-time pickups on an as-needed basis or recurring monthly schedules for more consistent service.

We are here to take your Questions
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Customers reviews

What people say?

Ever since i subscribed for this Pack i have not had a reason to think about what to wear.I cant remember asking myself what color would i put on, They understood my work nature, and packed my items accordingly
Ceo & Founder JAMalot
When Maureen my friend told me about this laundry Pack, i was like who gives freebies like this, its been two years i have not regretted subscribing for this Pack, thank you guys for a job well done. i have more peace than ever
Emmanuel Joseph
Head Of Sales , Intel