Our team has a clear sense of purpose and understands our customers’ expectation, Each member feels good about being a part of this team and we are continuously improving our performance.

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At first i thought this was too expensive, but on a second thought. i realize i have being spending more than that. They wow me with their services.
Opeyemi Ibrahim
You guys are great, although on one occasion they actually delayed, but i must confess this guys are sincere and great at what they do,
peace samuel
Peace Samuel
My main reason for subscribing was to test run if the service was worth it, this is exactly 9 months, i don't think am leaving anytime soon.
Desmond Chibuzor
Law Firm
At first i was wondering if they can actually deliver on their promises.they have
Emma AI
There marketing effort was superb, as if that was not enough, the next morning my laundry basket was in front of my lawn, i usually get a weekly analytic of my laundry. This is innovation in it making. Now i have peace of mind
Folake Elias
Senior Partner
The quality of the dry cleaning is great, as is the high level of customer service ”
James Obafemi
Software Engineer
The Laundrymann believes that when the the customer
succeeds, we succeed. We’re proud to be your laundrymann .


We love our customer and that the reason we have partnered with different enterprise to provide complimentary premium services for all our subscribers.. ranging from free laundry basket, complete car detailing, Sofa cleaning, free Wellness training

Streamline your laundry with us

We revolutionize the way sales teams interact with customers. Our success has been driven by your passion for great Laundry.

  • Free Laundry Basket
  • Unlimited Laundry Items
  • Free Car Detailing

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