About us

We are a laundry subscription company. We help you avoid the day to day laundry disappointments, the inconveniences of laundry drop off and pickups. Your subscription covers unlimited items thus helping you cut down on your laundry expenses monthly. These benefits come with a free laundry basket, laundry analytics, and more

it‘s about you. Everything we do is in support of your journey of self-discovery, so you feel confident letting your unique beauty shine bright every day..Knowing that laundry is out of your menu


How it All Began

Long ago, laundry trends were dictated by a small traditional machants. Then subscription services came along. Suddenly, laundry became a movement fueled by free conversation. the laundrymann was born from this revolution and the self-expression and inclusivity that made it happen

HOW IT WORKS : Laundrymann

Review & Choose
From the list of monthly plan, choose a plan that fits your budget
Day 1, 20min After
Confirm Subscription
Confirm you subscription, and privide details of pick up schedule, Home or office address. You will be assigned a laundry officer who will handle your every laundry needs
Day 1
Click to Subscribe
Upon review of the laundry plan, click to subscribe. You would be directly linked to a customer service representation via whatssap. Make enquiry and ask any question of your choice
Day 1, 30min After



Bright M. Martins

I’m pretty sure , my laundry breeds while i sleep

Customer experience laundryman

The Bella Twins

When i said i do, i didnt mean the Laundry

How it works laundry subscription near me

Peace Samuel

The more laundry i do, the less nudists seem crazy