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An alternative where you subscribe for a monthly pack and have less to worry about for the whole month. our team are friendly and knowledgeable about the way your clothes should be treated.

We also believe everyone has a right to look and feel good in clean clothes while enjoying complimentary services . That’s why we partner with organization like CarSpa to give every subscriber a free carwash, DressMake LTD for alterations. Basketcity for free laundry basket and JustSOFA for free sofa cleaning

Laundrymann is the first smart scheduling laundry subscription market place  that helps people manage their laundry life more better while enjoying benefits from our partners


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Success Stories

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“Our promise as laundryman is to build value into every service while delivering professional expertise, exceptional service and quality laundry experiences.”

Uyime Umoren

CEO, Lagos Nigeria

We’ve worked with some great companies and personalities already. We think you
should join them in your quest for quality Laundry experience

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What we do

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Thousands of customers across Lagos and other major cities already trust laundrymann with their laundry and dry cleaning

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Give you Free Laundry Basket

Upon Subscription, you are entitled to a free laundry basket, personalized & customized with your details.

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Free laundrymann Carwash

Upon subscription, you are given laundrymann carwash card for your monthly free Car detailing

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Laundry of Unlimited items

Subscription covers Laundry of Unlimited laundryitems, irrespective of the laundry pack subscribed for.

Our Expert Team

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Our team has a clear sense of purpose and understands our customers’ expectation,

Each member feels good about being a part of this team and we are continuously improving our performance.


Bright M. Martins

I’m pretty sure , my laundry breeds while i sleep

Customer experience laundryman

The Bella Twins

When i said i do, i didnt mean the Laundry

How it works laundry subscription near me

Peace Samuel

The more laundry i do, the less nudists seem crazy

We’ve worked with some great personalities already. We think you
should join them in your quest for quality laundry experience